Points about Givenchy

Givenchy is known for building tight relations with a style icon. How will the relationship of the present icon work in the future? How long will it last? Who will they use next?

Givenchy is a luxury brand that does not have a signature piece like many other companies. Does this hurt the company? Should they try to create a signature bag or pattern?


One thought on “Points about Givenchy

  1. I think that Givenchy’s present style icon is a really positive move that was made. I think that Erykah Badu is going to be very successful to the luxury brand because she is known to be very fashionable and well liked. Givenchy has used other women of color in their past campaigns and they have been really successful. I think it will last a while because she is a very well liked celebrity icon and is gorgeous. I think next they might go with another icon who is also well liked and very good with style as well.
    I think that it might be hurting their brand by not having a signature style. I think that it is easier for people to associate a popular luxury brands style by thinking of their signature look. For example every one knows what Micheal Kors is about because of their signature style bags that most people have. I think it would definitely help then and not hurt them to get a signature look.

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