Alexander Wang for H&M

Every fashion lover on a budget loves a great designer/fast fashion collaboration. Alexander Wang for H&M has had a lot of hype around it since they collab announcement in April and it is here. Not surprisingly, its quite innovative. It blurs the lines between active wear and casual apparel. Garments for both men and women, it covers a lot of ground. Pants, jackets, shirts, socks, and hats are all included. There’s even a pair of boxing gloves. After looking through the collection, it’s interesting to see that a lot of the items are branded. Many with “WANG” on it somewhere and tank tops that say “This is an Alexander Wang tank top.” In class we have talked about people shying away from logos, so where does this fit into that?

One thought on “Alexander Wang for H&M

  1. I love the fact that all of these affordable brands are collaborating with higher end designers. It not only helps the designer reach a broader target market, but it also allows these trends to trickle down. Many celebrities are even seen wearing brands such as H&M and Zara paired with other higher end designers. I agree that people are shying away from logos, but I think when people that usually shop at a lower end market are able to wear these designer names they want to publicize it. For example, Abercrombie is revamping their line and getting rid of logos, but brands such as Louis Vuitton aren’t effected.

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