Urban Outfitter’s New and Improved Anthropologie!

My company Urban Outfitter’s Anthropologie chain plans to super size their stores in the next five years. They want to not only attract customers with their Bohemian chic house wear and apparel but also with a selection of several other goods. They want to open around 25-50 more new stores. They want to possible have an area where consumers can grab a nice delicious lunch while shopping. There goal is to double their sales by 2020. They are striving to become a broader lifestyle brand and they want to increase their home goods, wedding, beauty, apparel, and furnishings. They are aiming for customers to stay in the store for an average of 2-3 hours rather than just an hour. They believe that bigger is better an that is what the consumers what. Hopefully this is exactly what Anthropologie needs to help increase sales and consumers.



4 thoughts on “Urban Outfitter’s New and Improved Anthropologie!

  1. This is a great change that Urban Outfitter’s Anthropologie can make to promote their company and get consumers to get in their stores for longer. Hopefully will increase sales!

  2. I love Anthropologie so I’m so excited for this change and expansion. I think having Urban Outfitters focus their efforts on rebranding and revamping Anthropologie and Free People will only help their image and sales. It is also good as a fall back plan because if Urban Outfitters does not want to change their bad rep and continue to sell and act controversially then this will ensure that they have their other two companies to fall back on.

  3. What I find interesting about this is that over the past year they actually closed two Anthropolgie’s on Long Island. Maybe it’s coincidence, but maybe they realized it was time for some re-branding. By focusing more on the lifestyle aspect of the brand, hopefully it will help them to grow!

  4. For all the problems Urban Outfitters has with bad publicity I find interesting that there hasn’t been embarrassing negative press for Free People or Anthropologie. Why do they manage to not make major screw ups? This makes me even more suspicious that Urban Outfitters is intentionally making waves.

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