Tuck it in: New Fall 2014 hair trend

This is an article about a trend that was in this falls 2014 fashion weeks. It ties in with what we are talking about in class as well because it has to do with the “now”. It’s the current fall 2014 hair trend that is all over the fashion runways. Although this trend is from the last spring runways, it is being carried over into the fall/winter trend as well. The trend is wearing something warm such as thick sweater knits, chunky scarf knits, or turtle necks during this fall/winter while having your hair actually tucked into either your sweater, jacket, or scarf. This can be an easy way to effortlessly put your hair back and out of your way while still looking very polished, sophisticated, and put together. This hair trend is also very convenient for experimenting with short hair lengths because it gives you the “short hair” feel without having to actually cut your hair. The hair style also makes your hair seem a bit fuller and thicker when tucked in.

It is best to choose to part your hair with a deep side part when doing this look and try and create as much volume as possible before tucking in your hair. This hair look can also easily be paired with accessories such as chokers, fur collars, bold earrings, and smokey eyed makeup.



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