Points About Uniqlo

1. Originally a Japanese company, started in 1984.  Opened it’s first store in America in 2005.
   – Importance: It shows how new the company is to the fashion industry so, this will be something to keep in mind when doing a historical / cultural analysis on the company.
   – What to look for next: The founder says America has great opportunities to reach middle class consumers, just like Japan did, is this a hint to their method of expansion?  Where else might they look to expand?  The founder wants to keep its roots of Japan with the company, will this also be a determining factor in where they choose to expand?
2. Dominating Ideas/Competitors: Uniqlo is known for their simple/casual, yet still unique, clothing.  They are one of the fastest growing fast-fashion retailers.
   – Importance: We think this is important because this is an idea they came up with and have stuck with from the start.
   – What to look for next: They plan to “take over casual fashion”.  What does this mean?  What does this mean in terms of their competitors?  Were their competitors able to grow and expand at a fast rate like Uniqlo has, with the strategies they came up with when starting?  If so, should Uniqlo stay with their strategy of casual or should they maybe adopt other strategies?

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