Outlet Stores Are on the Rise

More and more outlet stores are opening up right around the corner from full priced stores. After the opening of Off Fifth got more attention than an opening of Saks Fifth Avenue just a short walk away, many department stores are doing the same. As Nordstrom is following these footsteps and plans to open 27 Nordstrom Rack stores in the next year. However as stated in this article, this may not be the best course of action, how will the department store do well with their outlet store around the corner? who is the competition?



2 thoughts on “Outlet Stores Are on the Rise

  1. While I do love shopping at outlets for their discounted prices I do see the pros and cons to moving outlet stores closer to full priced stores. I think that this will make consumers shop more at the outlets and overlook the full priced stores because why pay more when you can pay less. I do agree that it is going to drive the sales down similar to Coach and I honestly think that it devalues the brand and products. In addition I like the idea that outlets cause consumers to become more “price conscious” that this article imposed.

  2. i think this is extremely interesting how outlet stores are increasing. I wonder if more expansive brands will start to target just the outlet stores, or if they will revamp the entire brand.

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