Betsey Johnson Models and Dominating Social Groups

The two Zeitgeist elements that I think are really important for Betsey Johnson are models and dominating social groups.  Throughout my research of the brand, I have found that the company focuses a lot on the social groups that are their target market.  The most obvious being women from ages 16-30, but mainly those on the younger side.  Her clothes are punky and over the top, and marketed mainly to the younger generation of up and coming fashionistas.  However, recently, especially with her NYFW “Marriage Equality” fashion show, we can see the brand taking a potential turn of the social group they are trying to reach.

This fashion show had models of all different types, from gay couples, to transgenders, to drag queens and more.  I think by doing this she was making a statement, and maybe even giving a preview of what is to come for the company.  This could have been their way of showing their versatility and that they may be making their way into menswear and even the transgender market.  I think focusing on the models that she has chosen to use is a direct link to the possible changes of the dominating social groups for this brand.


One thought on “Betsey Johnson Models and Dominating Social Groups

  1. Betsey Johnson is one of the only designers that I can think of that is doing this. I do feel like it could lead to a future in menswear for Betsey, as she has already started a children’s clothing line and home furnishings. This could be something really successful for the gay community.

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