Amazon Opening a Store in New York

This online store is planning to open a brick and mortar store in the same area as Macy’s flagship store, across from the Empire State Building in New York City. Known for its wide selection of various goods online, this building is planned to improve same-day-delivery, returns, and in-store pickup. Although this store is not the first of its kind for Amazon, the high traffic area could benefit the company and may lead to a new facet of its existence.


4 thoughts on “Amazon Opening a Store in New York

  1. This sounds like a great idea for Amazon because even though they are already a large company they would get really great exposure being right in the city. This would bring in even more sales and would probably get even more customers to spend money in the store and not just online.

  2. I think that this sounds like a great idea and I would be really interested in visiting the Amazon store, although I have many questions. Amazon holds thousands and thousands of products ranging from household goods to high end handbags, therefore I am wondering what this store will carry? I think that it is important for Amazon to strategically decide which are the hottest items to carry so that they are only carrying what consumers are purchasing.

  3. I think this is an extremely interesting thing. It will change the game plan of Amazon. It will restructure the company. I believe this store, especially its location, will be more of a tourist attraction. It will have successful foot trafficking. I wonder if it will cause a start of amazon store locations

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