What future clients should consider with Uniqlo..

Uniqlo is a Japanese company that has had high hopes for their company which means expanding worldwide is something they have done, and are trying to do successfully. They are looking to expand in every which direction, the only catch is they are trying to not lose sight of their Japanese culture and why they had originally started off as is. They want to conquer new markets and want everyone to know about their clothing company, they do not want to be that little fast fashion company from Japan. I think you need to observe this more because it has to deal with the history of Uniqlo, why did they decided to expand so much, what makes them want to hold onto their culture. I think another important thing to be careful of is the fact that they might have to risk many things to get where they are today, to look at what chances they took to expand so much is something that is very important. Good luck to the next group, hopefully this helps you! Here’s an article to look at it!

Another point that I focused my presentation on but did not want to focus that much on it for this post is the fact that Uniqlo has focused their company and their philosophy on making it key that are making their clothing line for all, they are not just trying to focus on one social group, but they are actually trying to let everyone experience their clothing.. but mmm is that something look out for..



3 thoughts on “What future clients should consider with Uniqlo..

  1. Very good points. Uniqlo is a very interesting case… These lines of thought are both very important and it will be very interesting to see how they develop over the coming months and years. (I give them 3 years, I think, before the “everything for everyone” disappears from their plans or they decide to be the next GAP. General bland basics for everyone and no one.) The Japanese angle has been an interesting one for the past 30 years, actually. Back in the late 80’s/ early 90’s we thought Japan was simply going to take over the market.

  2. I was interested in reading your article because I am now in the Uniqlo group and have never heard of this company much before this class. I find it odd that they are trying to create “create everything for everyone” because usually successful stores focus on a target market or social group that they are looking to sell their products to. Im excited to start my research on the company and learn about their history.

  3. I wonder if they are trying to change fashion (by not focusing on a target market) or if they are just trying to create more profit?

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