Uniqlo Expects Profit From US Expansion

Our group focused on how Uniqlo is expanding to the US. Their competitors Zara and H&M have both expanded to the US many years ago and are very successful. Our business proposal was on how to be just as successful in the US as their competition. This article talks about their expansion and how they are widely taking over the US. Uniqlo is an up and coming brand in the US, they are opening stores is all major cities all over the country. I think major cities is the best way to attack the US, in cities is where you find the most street fashion that others then try to copy. Cities are the best way to go for a company just starting out, they don’t really have a market in the US yet and can’t go into the smaller suburban areas yet, they will get the maximum profit from the areas they have chosen (as stated in the article). The article also talked about how they have yet to make a profit due to the high cost of opening all their retail stores, but I have a feeling they will be very successful in the US with time.



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