The Hackney Fashion Lab

This article really caught my attention. There are fashion labs being created in London for recently graduated fashion students to have a place to create their work. I as a current fashion student thing this is absolutely amazing, a lot of students with incredible talents fall out of the industry due to the fact that they don’t have to correct equipment nor money for the proper equipment to create their designs. I think these “fashion labs” will allow London to have an even greater grasp on the fashion industry, they are going to be helping young designers left and right to be successful. By doing this they will bring out the creativity of their younger generations, there should be more places like this all over the world. I think this is a huge step for the fashion industry. A lot of raw talent will shine through using these “labs”.


3 thoughts on “The Hackney Fashion Lab

  1. I’ve been wanting to set up one of these at URI… Almost went for it some years ago, but then some entrepreneurs started one in Providence, so that seemed fine. They fizzled however… Hmmm. Might be an idea worth re-awakening.

  2. I also believe these labs are great for fashion students, you need a place to create. Having a lab area or proper equipment only helps you succeed!

  3. These collaborative studios seem to be increasingly popular, it seems to reflect the more modern use of crowd sourcing. I think this is a great way for people to interact with colleagues and could open some interesting doors.

    I wonder why it didn’t work in Providence? Wrong time, wrong people, wrong place?

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