Fashion Industry accepts transgender models

In this article we get an inside look at one of the first transponders to break into the fashion world.  A boy from Australia, showed up as a girl in Europe to shock companies at fashion week, being an extremely desired model because she can rock menswear or womenswear.  Pejic is widely accepted in the fashion industry because she meets the height and weight criteria as well as being a versatile model in more ways than just photography and runway, she is able to model for both genders.  this tie in with the articles I have read about the show Betsey Johnson had for New York Fashion week, I think she is on to something!


4 thoughts on “Fashion Industry accepts transgender models

  1. I love this, I think this is a growing idea within the fashion industry. I remember watching Americas Next Top model years and years ago when they had a transgendered contestant. The mainly identified female was a great competitor, but I wasn’t really sure if she was going to go anywhere but recently I have been seeing ads and campaigns with her photos on it, specifically with American Apparel. This is a growing idea and I personally love it. I think all different types of people should be represented in the fashion world. Love this!

  2. I wonder if fashion embracing this group of people will help or hurt their fight for social equality? I strongly hope that acceptance here will lead to acceptance everywhere.

  3. Fashion influences so many things in our pop culture whether we realize it or not. I see this situation as the “foot in the door” to further transgender acceptance. Brilliant.

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