Marriage freedom a big theme in Betsey Johnson’s spring collection

Betsey Johnson’s Spring 2015 fashion show brought a lot of controversial topics to the table as she celebrated marriage equality. The models featured in the show were transgender, drag queens, and same sex couples. “Prenup” was featured on many of the designs. As usual, Johnson stuck to her roots of rock n roll chic and used interesting fabrics such a plastic, scuba fabric, metallics and horsehair. Some of the dresses were long and poofy, while others were short and colorful. Some of the models stripped down to their underwear, while others were bare on top. Maybe this is a step in the direction of unisex runway designs and bridal dress designs for men and women.

Link to the article.

Betsey-Johnsons-spring-2015-collection-6b Betsey-Johnsons-spring-2015-collection-7


2 thoughts on “Marriage freedom a big theme in Betsey Johnson’s spring collection

  1. I read this article too Niki! I absolutely love what she did with this fashion show. In the words of Betsey herself, it was trendy and transgendy!

  2. Betsey’s crazy fashion shows are another reason why her empire is so unique. I think more designers should use their fashion shows as a way to spread awareness to political issues. Her over the top shows are also a great way to make her designs memorable. No one would ever forget what they saw coming down one of Betsey Johnson’s runways.

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