Bestey Johnson brings fun to active wear

Betsey Johnson has recently redeemed herself with a new line after her struggles filing bankruptcy and battling breast cancer. She has launched an active wear line that is inspired by her fun, active life.


3 thoughts on “Bestey Johnson brings fun to active wear

  1. Its interesting to see Bestey doing something new with her collection. Reading the article above this about activewear now being a style for not only the gym it makes you wonder if she will jump along the band wagon of activewear outside the gym.

  2. Since her bankruptcy, do you think we’ll see more examples of her bringing her unique approach and vision to other more mainstream lines?

  3. I really liked this article because it proves just how inspiring Betsey is. She has faced a large number of setbacks throughout her career. Even though she is at an age when most people would retire, she is still coming up with ways to reinvent herself. I also think it is important to stay active for as long as possible, and the fact that Betsey is designing active wear proves that she shows no sign of slowing down.

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