Zara- Dominating the Retail Industry

Zara is dominating the fashion industry with it’s runway and celebrity imitations at a price that is actually affordable. This article proves that Zara is the leader in the retail industry and they are not going away any time soon. Between their vertically integrated business model and two week turnover, Zara is able to control everything from the quality for their products, the prices and the styles. This is a great tool in retaining customer loyalty. Zara has their perfect place in fashion and even their competitors don’t come close.


One thought on “Zara- Dominating the Retail Industry

  1. Zara is one of my favorite stores. When I first discovered them I was shocked that I never had heard of them sooner. They are a very unique company and do not spend money on advertising which explains why I didn’t know about them. I think this is a good angle for the store. For me it kind of felt like I found a hidden gem and in the 5 years that I have shopped there I have never lost that feeling.

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