The use of underage models in Fashion Week needs to stop

This article is about how underage modeling is becoming an issue in the fashion industry and the Council of Fashion Designers of America is backing the controversial issue saying that designers should not hire models under sixteen, especially when having to wear revealing clothes. Some may consider these ads and runway shows art, while others find it offensive, especially when such young girls are featured in a sexually explicit manner. The pressure on these young girls is way too high and has long-term effects. Brands such as Betsey Johnson have younger target markets so they tend to use younger looking models. If the clothing is appropriate, tasteful and it is geared towards younger age groups, the young models should start there. As they get older, they can work their way up into older target marketed brands that are more fitting for their age.

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2 thoughts on “The use of underage models in Fashion Week needs to stop

  1. I agree that using young models is a huge controversy especially if they are wearing revealing clothing. I do not think that I would be an issue if the clothing was age appropriate, however most of the time it is not.

  2. Why do we allow this behavior to continue? What does this say about body expectations that designers dress use such young models? Most adult women (no matter how fit) are not going to have the same body or shape as a teenager.

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