3 thoughts on “Michael Kors vs Coach

  1. This is actually somewhat related to my client, Uniqlo. The article itself doesn’t necessarily relate but to your point of logos becoming less popular there is an interesting connection.

    Uniqlo is a fast-fashion retailer, so it is much different than a luxury brand but in either case logos were an important factor for clothing and accessories for a while. They have become less important in recent years and in an article I read about Uniqlo it actually said that they do not use logos on their clothing or accessories. This “logo-less” trend can be seen in other companies too, Zara, H&M, Forever 21, in almost all cases none of these fast-fashion retailers are using logos on their clothing or accessories. It is an interesting trend to watch expand into the luxury goods industry, since luxury goods are what they are, because of their name. You want a bag from Michael Kors, because it’s Michael Kors and anything else just won’t be good enough. You pay for the name you get, but yet it’s becoming less and less popular to advertise the name you pay for. It almost as if we’re contradicting ourselves in a way.

  2. This is an interesting article but a great find because of what we’ve been talking about lately in class. Full covered logo bags are definitely on their way out like we’ve stated. But do you think another reason coach might not be selling as many products as one of its competitors, Michael Kors, due to the target market? I feel as though Michael Kors reaches out to a bigger population of people than Coach does. Like we’ve discussed in class how teenage girls are using Michael Kors handbags, and when I was in middle school/early high school coach was the bag of choice, but then Michael Kors took over. Michael Kors may be reaching out to a bigger target market, leaving coach with less and less sales.

  3. i think coach TODAY does not have as broad of a market as Michael Kors. However, thinking back to your junior high days…You were rocking the coach wristlet and your mom was using a coach handbag. Again, broad spectrum. So maybe there is something to be said about these affordable luxury brands covering broad markets and then settling down into one as the fad passes. We also compared Michael Kors and Coach to Kate Spade. I could never see my own mother walking around with a Kate Spad purse…but I did see a 13 year old with a little Kate Spade wallet at the nail salon the other day. This brand has a more developed target market (on the younger side). It could be useful to delve into this next class.

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