We are expanding!

As Uniqlo being our client, on my side of things I am exploring how my client is expanding, what is the future for their dominating social groups and their target market. We are here to see who is dedicating their lives to shopping with us and if we should keep marketing ourselves as this “fast fashion company” that we seem to put out as. Finding this article was a blessing, because Uniqlo has expanding to California where we know everyone who is everyone lives.. breathes.. fashion!

“It’s a global shopping center from both the brands [housed here] and where customers come from, so we felt it was an appropriate place to start our Southern California launch.” So we are not only just a shopping brand, we are a global one which sets us aside from the competitors.. but our dominating social groups are those on the go, those who want to wearing comfortable clothing but still have a sense of sassyyyyyy! Who would not want that, visit the Cali store and you not only get some great clothing but you get a sun tan!

Like they say in the article “SoCAL” The younger generation is going to eat this up,

“Uniqlo represents style, quality and fun,” says the vice president of Disney who is now partnered up with them! Younger generation as mentioned before, they are the now, they are here to stay because with prices and clothing like this, college students will eat this up! I sure would!



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