Urban Outfitters Has More Bad Press…SHOCKING

Once again, Urban Outfitters is in the press with another negative story. While this one isn’t about controversial garments, it isn’t helping their image whatsoever. Urban chief admin officer has claimed to Wall Street analysts that Urban Outfitters was the biggest retailer for vinyl records. Which record label execs are quickly negating publicly. Amazon is the largest retailer for vinyl records holding about 12.3% of the market share while Urban holds only 8%. While the two retailers aren’t off by much, the fact that Urban is repeatedly in the press for false claims, and countless controversies isn’t helping their already failing credibility.

What I find most interesting is that for every single bad publicity moment Urban has had within the last 3 years, I can’t seem to find one legitimate apology, or press article about something positive happening in regards to the brand.

Hopefully their PR team is currently being fired and replaced by a powerhouse. They need someone like Kelly Cutrone (Peoples Revolution) to give them some brutal honesty and help their image turn around.



4 thoughts on “Urban Outfitters Has More Bad Press…SHOCKING

  1. It’s almost as if Urban Outfitter’s idea of PR is very similar to Miley Cyrus’- bad PR is still good PR, if not better. Basically anything to keep people talking. It’s amazing to me that one company can be struggling with their PR image so much. I agree that their PR team really needs an update because what they have going on now just isn’t helping their brand image or credibility at all.

  2. I agree. They don’t seem to be doing anything to prevent these bad things from happening. I feel as if they don’t care what is being said about them, as long as their brand is being talked about. Improving their PR would be in their best interest.

  3. But it’s hard to believe that they can still think this bad publicity is good for them because sales have been declining in the past few years. I would assume this is due to the controversies and boycotts (fueled sometimes by celebrities) from the bad PR.

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