Less Street, More Sophistication at Givenchy

Last year’s Givenchy show brought the heat during the Paris Fashion Week. The overall collection had a very elegant, sophisticated look but still had the touch of the designer, Ricardo Tisci. The prints on the designs are very feminine ranging from butterflies, leopard spots, and serpent skin. Many of the models walked down in knee-length fluttery skirts posting the main look of the entire show. As my group said in our Zeigeist map, the Kardashian’s have been a top icon for the designer, having Kendall Jenner model in the show and Kanye West (Kim Kardashian’s husband) sit front seat at the show. I wonder if the Kardashian’s will be in the front row supporting the designer’s designs this year!



One thought on “Less Street, More Sophistication at Givenchy

  1. I really like how this designer has been around for such a long time and one of the world’s best known celebrities is wearing them still! I also like how the new designer was able to make designs of his own, yet still include the feel of Givenchy!

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