Amal Alamuddin to wear Alexander McQueen

The marriage of George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin is considered to be the wedding of the year.  Although she is likely to have worn multiple designers in the weekend long event, it is said that her wedding gown was designed by Sarah Burton, the Creative Director of Alexander McQueen.  Because the wedding took place this weekend in Italy, pictures have yet to be released.  However, if speculation is true than Amal wore a gorgeous couture Alexander McQueen gown for her “I Dos” that will likely be imitated for years, much like the Alexander McQueen gown worn by Kate Middleton for the royal wedding.  Just goes to show that you don’t need to be wearing the fashion to be influenced by it.


2 thoughts on “Amal Alamuddin to wear Alexander McQueen

  1. I’ve noticed that the celebrity media has recently been comparing the fashion styles of Kate Middleton and Amal Alamuddin. Are they connected because of their positions in the public eye? Or because they favor similar designers?

  2. I feel like they are connected because they have a very similar sense of personal style and air of class and grace about them. They’re not afraid to experiment with clothing choices but they also tend to favor similar designers. I feel like the comparison of the two are due to a variety of factors but definitely include their positions in the public eye and their choice of designers.

    Just so everyone knows this prediction was wrong. Amal ended up wearing a beautiful gown by Oscar de la Renta. She did however wear an Alexander McQueen dress during a night out to dinner in Italy during the weekend long festivities.

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