Michael Kors’s Locked Up Luxury


This article provides further discussion on Michael Kors as an “affordable luxury” designer. He advertises as being “jet set” and high end. “The irony, of course, is that the kind of woman the ads depict is not the kind of woman who is going to buy a $300 bag.” This brings up the discussion about 1) How Michael Kors depicts itself 2) What Michael Kors actually is 3) How Michael Kors is perceived by consumers


5 thoughts on “Michael Kors’s Locked Up Luxury

  1. I thought this article was extremely interesting. It explained what affordable luxury is. This is a new term and one that is hard to always define. However, i believe this article covered all the points of what makes a product and brand an affordable luxury.

  2. I think this is a great article and relates to what you and I actually talked about in class today! This article backs up what we were saying about how Michael Kors should be using a celebrity icon in advertisements, but how can he have an very luxurious and wealthy celebrity holding/wearing his products and accessories when that simply is not the target market. Michael Kors should remember his target market, and while he can cater to more “luxurious” people, most of those who buy his products are looking for more affordable things (hence why his brand is so popular) and he should definitely consider creating ads to cater more towards who his brand actually speaks out too!

  3. I wonder if this is an intentional marketing strategy. By advertising his products as a luxury, but selling them at a more affordable price point does this improve sales?

  4. This was a great article! Michael Kors has become a common household brand. There is no exclusivity within the company, I see Michael Kors bags everywhere. MK is widely popular but seeing my friends moms wearing Michael Kors makes me never want to rock my MK bag again. I think to be the brand they think they are or want to be they need to work on making their products more exclusive; changing bags styles and their target market. Those in their 20-30s are the trend setters, they need to focus on them and get away from the soccer moms trying to up their cool with their kids by purchasing Michael Kors products.

  5. What makes the 20-30s the desired demographic? Have we deified a desired market segment? Do they have more or less buying power and influence than others?

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