Bags That Don’t Brag

The trend for many brands have been the label associated with the name. Whether its the C for coach, or the LV for Louis Vuitton. Every brand has a label associated with the name that consumers recognize. These labels distinguish one leather bag from another. This trend has been around for a while. It has been very exposed to the bag covered in the label, or very small so its almost hidden. The newest trend is have zero labeling on the bag. The no frills bag. A simple leather bag that is all about the structure, instead of the designer. This would start a logo-free world if everyone catches on. People will be less interested in the name behind it and more of the utility of the bag, and the leather. This trend started this year from luxury brands.


3 thoughts on “Bags That Don’t Brag

  1. I think this is an extremely refreshing and very over due idea. For years its been all about the label and readable markings on the bags, so what happened to having just a beautiful bag that doesn’t need all tagging on it? We’ve gone so many cycles of WHO was popular in the accessory world instead of WHAT was popular. I think its perfect timing for a more simplistic look and less reading! I was so happy to see this post.

  2. There is a good reason why designers label bags…
    You cannot copyright a bag design, or any clothing design for the matter. This is why H&M is able to copy runway looks and sell it for $15. My friend owns the same black Kate Spade purse that Professor Aspelund was holding up in class, but she bought it at H&M for $30.
    Designers use their logo as a way to trademark. You cannot duplicate the LV logo without facing infringement. Stick the logo all over the bag and all of a sudden the bag is difficult to imitate.
    Market these purses in a clever way and consumers want to buy the bag to show that they own a piece from the designer. They are demonstrating their social status or wealth, in a sense.

    If the logo is on its way out, it will be interesting to see how this effects trademark/copyright and design.

    You can read more about fashion and copyright here:

  3. If it becomes about something other than the label, do you think that would hurt or help luxury brands? Will they sell better because they are of a high quality?

    Will they sell worse because there are comparable bags on the market and there are no obvious bragging rights associated with the bags? Or might they sell just as well because so many designer clothes do not have visible labels (when worn), but there still is a demand for those luxury brands?

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