Scott and Cyrus “Dirty Hippie”

Designer and Creative Director for Mochino, Jeremy Scott showed his Spring/Summer 2015 collection at New York Fashion Show a few weeks ago at Milk Studios NYC. Scott collaborated with pop sensation Miley Cyrus for accessories for this SS2015 line.

Cyrus has been posting crazy crafts on her social media pages all summer long. And now, after many rumors and much excitement. Her accessories added to each look which came down the runway.

The pair could not have been matched any better. Scotts usual eclectic following and Cyrus’ powerful stardom following are sure to make this line incredibly successful.

I was lucky enough to assist in producing this show for NYFW this fall. I was present during the show to watch Miley walk onto the runway and sit front row next to rapper 2Chainz, celebrity Nicky Hilton, and her family.

Miley sat down, the paparazzi shot, and then the show began.

The show included Cyrus’ accessories, Shrek sweaters, graphic tops saying things like “Don’t do drugs…Give them to me” and “F**** Sh*t Up”.

This collaboration is truly one for the masses. This line is not for the buyers at Bloomingdales, the editors of Vogue looking for cover options. This line is for people who are slaves to fashion and those who would follow their beloved Scott into the fashion depths.

Being able to watch and produce this show, listen to the hype while guest file into the runway, and to see the envy in guests eyes when they realized they weren’t given a VIP limited edition J.Scott Longchamp bag. It was an incredible moment for fashion.

I have included photos I took during the show as well, to show the high impact of Scotts designs.

IMG_8826 IMG_8860 IMG_8861 IMG_8891


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