Spring- the Instagram-like Shopping App


We all know the effect e-commerce has had on the fashion industry. People are shopping online more than even now, but there always has to be something new around the corner. Instagram is the fashion persons app; which we can see when shots from the various fashion weeks take over our insta-feeds. But what if Instagram was shoppable? Buying what’s in your favorite fashion week picture directly from the photo itself. Enter Spring, the new app that has a similar interface to Instagram, but makes it easier to follow the brands you want and get the clothes you want. The shift from brick and mortar, to online, to mobile devices has been huge. If this new app becomes as popular with fashion people as Instagram has, what does it mean for consumer shopping  habits?


One thought on “Spring- the Instagram-like Shopping App

  1. This is a very important point. Now that Twitter is shoppable and Facebook is implementing such systems, how long before that is the norm and what will that do? this actually relates to our reading this week on the “closeness” and “nearness” issue…

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