Bill Cunningham interprets the Outrageous at NYFW

Bill Cunningham, street fashion photographer for the New York Times, is one of the best sources for picking up on trends. He discusses the latest trend of young people dressing outrageously at fashion week, describing it as a carnival. He points out the contrast between the very serious business world and the artsy, creative world of fashion. Cunningham theorizes that the younger crowd is dressing unusually, creatively, bizarrely before they have to strap down and enter the commercial world of fashion.

Take note of the images from the Tom Brown line and the twist on men’s wear, or more specifically, how the men’s wear basics remain a constant.


2 thoughts on “Bill Cunningham interprets the Outrageous at NYFW

  1. Bill Cunningham is one of the most influential fashion photographers today. He is at every fashion week, all around the world. And his focus on street wear is always relevant to taking the fashions presented inside the shows in comparison to the masses all outside the shows each season. His explanations of the street wear is always important to the fashion world.

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