Michael Kors Focusing in on the Men’s Segment


This article is about Michael Kors’ growing business. It talks about a ton of new store locations that he plans on opening in North America, Europe, Asia, and the far east. Along with the expansion of store locations, Michael Kors also plans on focusing in on his mens line. He is planning to open a flagship store in SoHo with a floor solely for clothing and accessories for men. The article states “The store will act as a pilot launch for its new line of products, for which management sees a potential of around 500 stores globally in the coming years.” Along with clothing and accessories, Michael Kors will launch a fragrance for men to be sold at Macy’s. He sees quite the potential with the expansion of his mens collection, and if the items sell anything like women’s clothing and accessories, the business will only begin to grow more!


3 thoughts on “Michael Kors Focusing in on the Men’s Segment

  1. I think it is great that Michael Kors is expanding his line to men’s and coming out with a men’s fragrance because like we mentioned in class, men’s fashion has been lost, but not lost just not as presented in the way women’s fashion has been presented. It is just crazy to see that it is taking so long for men’s fashion to expand, but it just seems as if we see maybe the same things for men’s fashion over and over again.

  2. Great article Fran. I think Michael Kors expanded men’s line will be extremely successful. His expansion will attract a lot of men who have a simple yet sophisticated style. Designers must not forget about the male population

  3. I am curious to see what sort of guy will be targeted by Michael Kors, or at least what sort of style it will fit in to. While men’s wear doesn’t change much, it can certainly be broken down into categories. …will it be more like Robert Graham with colorful yet classic buttons downs? Ralph Lauren with traditional, borderline preppy, american classics like the polo? Vince with sophisticated, clean lines? It certainly has peeked my curiosity. It will be interesting to see where Kors fits.

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