Apple Revolutionizing the Watch Industry

Nothing less is expected from Apple than to create a new device that leads the way in technology. What is slightly less expected is that this new technology is going to be fashionable and trendy. The Apple watch, soon to be released to the public in early 2015, is “the most personal” Apple device ever created. Like a smartphone, you can choose from various apps on the home screen, one of them happens to be a clock app. A timepiece in which the primary goal is something than other to tell time? Can this even be classified as a watch? Having worked in a fine jewelry store for several months now and having experience with watch companies such as Rolex, who’s mission is to create the best watch in the world, it is strange to hear that Apple has the same intentions. Too companies who’s names I would never see in the same sentence now have to compete for the same title. How does one go about turning a luxury watch owner into an Apple watch owner? It is even possible? Some say this watch is too masculine looking and too futuristic however, one day soon this could become the new norm. Look how Apple revolutionized the world of cellphones. Will this happen with wrist watches too? Only time will tell.


One thought on “Apple Revolutionizing the Watch Industry

  1. When I first heard about this I was extremely confused for the same reasons as you seem to be. How can Apple compete with a company like Rolex to have a luxury watch?! It seemed so strange to me, but after reading an article about the new technology and what it is supposedly going to come with, it doesn’t seem too far off. I feel like they will be a hit, as the cellphones were, but unlike the cellphones, I don’t think Apple will be able to convert all watch-wearers to Apple watches. I just don’t think they are going to have the luxurious feel that something like a Rolex portrays. They seem to be more technological and futuristic looking, whereas a Rolex just looks expensive and luxurious. Our phones do anything and everything we could possible imagine, I don’t use half of the apps on my phone, why would I need my watch to do all these same things, plus probably more?! I’m sure they will take off once they are released, but I’m interested to see where this new watch will go with time.

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