Zara accused again for anti-Semitism

People now believe that Zara is anti-Semitic due to their children’s pajama top. This striped top with a yellow star very much resembled a Nazi concentration camp uniform. Many people were outraged, bashing Zara on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Zara responded by saying that it was a complete misunderstanding and the top was truly inspired by the sheriffs stars commonly used in Western films. They promised to destroy all pajama tops in circulation. This is not the first time Zara has been accused of being anti-Semitic. In 2007, a handbag was created which was covered with green swastikas. Again, Zara responded by saying it was the suppliers fault and that in India that symbol means luck. I believe that Zara should be more careful and double check every detail during the process of making their products to avoid these situations.


One thought on “Zara accused again for anti-Semitism

  1. After reading the article, I am astonished at Zara for being able to produce and manufacture such an item. I understand how some clothing pieces can be overlooked at the resembles to such a controversial time in history. However, this particular piece is a pajama top, black and white stripe, and includes a jewish star seems to identify closely to WWII. I am glad that they have taken back this product from their stores. However, i am not satisfied with the companies apology via twitter. Twitter is helpful and is an appropriate target. However, this mistake and production of clothing should have be a little more apologizing and sympathetic.

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