The death of the show-off

The showing off is over, and it was made clear at both London and New York’s fashion weeks.  Instead of seeing models strutting down the runway in 6 inch heels, they were walking down it, in sandals – they almost looked like normal people.  What’s even more, is that there is no defined silhouette.  In fashion, the silhouette helps to convey status in 3 different ways:  tailoring, drapery, and tight body-conscious clothing.  The looks walking down the runway at the recent fashion weeks do not fit into any of these 3 categories, but rather somewhere in between.

At first, I wasn’t sure how much I liked the idea of this, but after reading the article I found it actually makes sense and could be a nice change.  The new look was about, “the notion of slowing down and embracing calm, travel, fitness, and work-life balance in the modern world”.  Which, in reality is how we are currently living our day to day life, it’s a balancing act of many different components.  The designs were “easy” and “effortless”, giving women a break from jumping through hoops for fashion.  This should not be taken negatively though, as even Christopher Bailey at Burberry, “likes the ease of a flat shoe”.  Fashion is constantly changing, so who knows how long this will last for, but for now, fashion has taken a more relaxed and casual feel.

Link to article.


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