My Name Is Uniqlo

I can honestly say, I had no idea what Uniqlo was until it opened its pop-up store in Boston’s Funeuil Hall this summer.  It is crazy to think I had no idea until a few months ago because of how big this store is becoming in such a short time.  Currently, they plan to open 200 stores globally by the end of 2014, with a long-term plan of opening 20 stores per year in the U.S. alone!  It is not hard to see that this fast fashion retailer is quickly becoming a huge competitor for stores such as Zara, H&M, and Forever 21.

The article stated, “you are meant to enhance Uniqlo, not the other way around”, which I found interesting since many stores do not see things from this perspective.  Another aspect of this article I found intriguing was about Uniqlo’s founder and CEO of Japan, Tadashi Yanai.  He is more involved than most founders and CEO’s of companies, making frequent trips to the NY store.  Although it is impossible to ignore the Japanese roots in Uniqlo’s character, Yanai does not push it too far.  Instead of hiring Japanese expats to run the overseas businesses, he lets the French run the stores in France, the Chinese run the stores in China, etc.

I’m curious to see where Uniqlo will be in a year from now!

Link to article.


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