Fashion Photography Is the Art World’s Rising Star

The use of photography has changed and developed throughout the decades. Since the 1980s, the idea of photography  fashion has really increased. Peter Linderbergh was the first photographer to be known for the use of photography. Since then, fashion photography has increased. Fashion photography can be found in different medias and from different artists. One of the most interesting things, was that the cost of fashion photography has increased drastically. People are more willing to spend money on a piece of art that will gain value instead of the stock market. Artwork has always been popular. However, today they are moving more towards photography of fashion than paintings.

Another change is the use of technology and the amount of access we all have of it today. Everyone is able to take a picture on their cellular devices and then use editing options to improve the picture. This allows for people to edit their own pictures for Instagram or other applications that can become popular and more fashion forward than originally intended.

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