Fast Fashion: Zara

Zara is a fast fashion brand that focuses on delivering high fashion looks for affordable prices. New items arrive daily which drives customers to buy items while they’re there because they won’t be there for long. Much of Zara’s success is due to the fashion brand, Inditex. Inditex owns many upon many successful brands however, Zara tops all the rest. The history of Inditex and it’s beginning roots can all be credited with how successful this company has become. Zara is an international giant in the fashion world and will only continue to expand and succeeded.


2 thoughts on “Fast Fashion: Zara

  1. I love Zara! And even though it is “fast fashion”, it doesn’t seem it because it is well made apparel and worth paying the extra money for. I also love how you have a limited time to purchase certain things, so it gives consumers an urgency to get the clothing items while they last! I have no doubt that Zara won’t be able to expand rapidly, as they already have.

  2. I also love Zara. Reading this article made me think about “my client” though. Uniqlo began their “fast fashion” journey almost 10 years after Zara but today, it is quickly becoming one of Zara’s top competitors. The two stores have similar price points and they also accommodate a unique look for anyone. Seeing how successful and popular Zara has become so quickly makes me curious to see what the future holds for Uniqlo.

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