Betsey Johnson celebrates brides, marriage freedom

Betsey Johnson has always been known for her eccentric style and fashion shows. This year’s show had special meaning, because it was dedicated to marriage equality. This article discusses the unique highlights in Betsey’s latest show. She included drag queens and transgender models along with reality TV stars. I think it is really incredible that Betsey is using her brand as a way to support a cause that she cares deeply about. This article also discusses how Betsey never seems to age. She still does her signature cartwheel at the end of each show and shes even going to be a contestant on this season’s Dancing With the Stars. I think it’s a breath of fresh air to see an older designer who is able to relate to all different age groups, while still staying true to herself. I think that more designers should use  their shows as a platform to spread the word for various causes and political issues.


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