Michael Kors at NYFW


“‘You think optimistic Fifties and you automatically think Paris and couture,’ he said. ‘You’re not going to find that at Michael Kors. For me, it’s the best of American optimism, and [in fashion] the fact that it was feminine but also rugged and sporty,’ the designer said of his spring collection.

An interesting look at how Michael Kors describes his line and his brand.


2 thoughts on “Michael Kors at NYFW

  1. I like this article and how it almost gives you a brief preview at what he is going to be showing in his upcoming styles. For example when the article says “Such skirts played into his prevailing silhouette — waist-centric with a full skirt that indeed hints at the Fifties without ever making the trip to retro.” I am excited to see how this style works out and interested in seeing how he based a style for this generation on something once worn in the fifties.

  2. Take a look at the comment I left on your post about Michael Kors. I don’t think he accomplished much. However, I think it is interesting to note the reference to the 50’s. As we discussed in class the 50’s cannot be summed up with one fashion statement. Michael Kors used skirts that hit below the knee at a sort of “midi” length and as a set with a matching top. This is more on trend in the NOW than thinking back to the 50’s. Other designers are portraying it differently, generally going for a minimalist look or with a crop top. The attempt to go retro while actually being in the now is a good example of what we were discussing in class.

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