Menswear a Sleeping Giant at New York Fashion Week

Menswear is having a big uphill of success in the last year which is surprising because of the less fan base it has compared to women’s fashion. Women’s New York Fashion Week is this week and has gotten much more publicity than menswear fashion week yet the sales of menswear does not reflect that. The clothing that is stepping out into the fashion shows of menswear is nothing as crazy as what is showing up on women’s fashion shows but still has a strong following. Menswear does not need to have crazy trends but they do something to keep their following growing. Sales have sky rocketed and it can only go up from here. Surprisingly, men are more apt to different fashions and are willing to step out of the box and not follow the uniform that men are known to follow. Sweatpants are being paired with suit jackets and men are going for it. It is a great time for men’s fashion and designers are eating it up. Who knows what will come of men’s fashion but from looking at it now, it will be a fantastic, creative, and successful season.



2 thoughts on “Menswear a Sleeping Giant at New York Fashion Week

  1. I am looking forward to seeing what menswear has in store for this year. Like everyone else, I am tired of seeing the same things year after year for men. Women’s fashion is constantly changing by the season, yet men can get away with wearing the same outfits years at a time.

  2. What I notice about men’s wear is that each season takes a different twist on a classic piece or adds an unexpected color to the mix. For example, I have been selling a number of men’s sweaters at the boutique where I work with a hint of eggplant purple either in stripes or in the stitching. Both Robert Graham and Vince are including the color in their lines. One wife said “It is the closest to wearing purple as he will get.”

    As Prof Aspelund mentioned in class, menswear trends have a tendency to move slowly. While men may be experimenting more, it seems to continue this idea of tweaking what already exists, such as combing sweats with a sport coat. Perhaps menswear is being pushed a little further this season, which could lead to some interesting evolutions in following seasons.

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