Making Tech More Wearable

This article most definitely sums up this semester of TMD 424 in a nutshell.  Designers, with the help of analysts and forecasters, predict the future of fashion day after day and have been correct up to this point.  The envisioned future of technology and design come hand in hand, even if to some, it may not seem like the best idea.  Lately, Apple has formed great interest in creating technology to place in designed clothing.  If this is an idea eager to be successful, “Apple has to stop thinking like a computer company and more like a fashion accessory maker, whose stock in trade is not just great design but aspirational experience.”  Consumers would be interested in having technology connected to what they wear everyday because it is a way to stay in constant connection with the world, although, this will come at the price of being fashionable at the same time.  With Burberry of an example of a luxury brand with an abundant number of knockoffs, the same concern raises for technological advancements in clothing.  Does this mean each innovation has to be too unique for its’ own good?  


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