Dior Homme Presents Line in Shanghai (WWD 04.21.14)

“As a testament to the growing sophistication as well as purchasing power of male consumers in China, Dior Homme showcased its collection to more than 700 guests on Friday

Dior has launched, for the second time, its Homme (men’s) line in Asia. Creative director, Kris Can Assche, said “Shanghai makes me very happy and satisfied”, which means there is a strong market in this location. The runway show in Long Museum, had both Chinese models and models who were flown from abroad to showcase the collection. At the end of the show, guests received small bouquets of lily of the valley, which was Christian Dior’s favorite flower. Guests included regional celebrities from China, and even from Korea and Taiwan.

This article had me thinking about our discussion of Shanghai Tang, an upcoming luxury brand, coming into the US. Dior’s emergence into Asia, is strong due to label recognition. Since our debate with the other class, one thing Dr. Lu said really stuck in my mind. We were so focused on what would happen if we, as an American, wore traditional Chinese clothing in China: Would we be looked at as making fun, or accepted and almost honored. Dr. Lu brought up a point how he wears America’s traditional work clothes, suit and tie, to class and we, as students, never thought twice about him making fun. It was almost accepted as normalcy. Asian markets are very big and appear to look to America and other countries for fashion, specifically the luxury brands. Dior seemed to succeed in incorporating the traditional American and European suit and tie, with Asian flair.



One thought on “Dior Homme Presents Line in Shanghai (WWD 04.21.14)

  1. I agree that the idea that an American cannot wear Chinese culture’s traditional clothing without it be controversial, but we don’t think twice of a Chinese man wearing “American work clothes” is very interesting. It is the same with this article that of course Dior will sell perfectly well in Shanghai. Though if a Chinese based company like Shanghai Tang opened up more stores in the US, it would not have the same affect. They would probably not do well. It seems like Western based companies with more western aesthetics have larger markets available to them.

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