A Look at Tommy Hilfiger’s Rise, Fall, and Rise



I thought this article related to our discussion of brands, and their need to stay relevant and not get too comfortable. Tommy Hilfiger was such an iconic brand, with a well established market, but the success couldn’t last forever. He was at the turning point of the “casual wear” era but he inevitably had to rebrand when this trend left. The portion of the article about the brand being adopted into the “hip-hop” culture is also interesting. It not only affected consumer behavior, but he admits that a simple change in customer interest changed what the brand was.


One thought on “A Look at Tommy Hilfiger’s Rise, Fall, and Rise

  1. I agree completely with this, for the brand has a certain demographic to follow! Often times designers believe that they need to take an extra step and go try out new things, when something it is strictly the basics that give certain brands their success!

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