The Fashionable Return of Fine Jewellery

The Fashionable Return of Fine Jewellery

This article talks about the return of fine jewelry, and people, such as celebrities are bringing back the style. When people start to wear “high fashion”, they need the fine jewelry pieces to go along to complete the outfit. The return of Fine Jewelry is coming back in London, which is the place where people always seem to be very put together and dressed in the “high fashion” looks. “Influential retailer Dover Street Market has expanded its jewellery offering substantially since launching its first store, in London, ten years ago. “The main shift seems to be that people are especially appreciative of being able to see things based on merit of design and creation, and presented in a new and interesting way,”

This relates to class because this is showing that old fashions will make a return at some point in time, and people appreciate “old, but new” fashions. Fashion is going in a constant circle, and it is interesting to me that fine, expensive jewelry is starting to come around again, especially because a lot of jewelry being produced now is very inexpensive costume jewelry. On the Zeitgeist map, I believe the influencers in today’s society are celebrities. People want what celebrities have, so in that case, if celebrities are starting to bring back and wear fine jewelry, society is going to want to do the same to keep up with the latest fashion.


3 thoughts on “The Fashionable Return of Fine Jewellery

  1. I agree with this because it is so true that old fashions come back. I think fashion run in a cycle because when it does come back the there is a little variance to that style which makes it different.

  2. I found this interesting because as fine jewelry is making a return, the fast fashion models for apparel are still flourishing. I know on my Zeitgeist map, I put fast fashion model stores, like H&M and Zara, for the market segment. So it would seem that people would rather spend more money on expensive fine jewelry than apparel. Is this because jewelry does not go “out of fashion” as quickly as apparel? It seems to me that most fine jewelry would be considered as “classics,” so that maybe people can justify investing in it.

  3. Just as the money has been following accessories, it now seems the focus is fully turning to jewelry and “finer” accessorizing. I read an article somewhere recently that luxury watch manufacturers are now eying the female consumer… (I’ll see if I can find it.)

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