iWatch, iSO 8 and a Healthier Lifestyle

It seems as though everyone is beginning to adopt a healthier lifestyle. While it could just be another “trend”, all things health related are showing up everywhere. I constantly see pictures on instagram of people’s healthy food choices (fruit and granola perfectly placed in a bowl… #healthy #cleaneating #fit), workout clothes/shoes are becoming more stylish by being more colorful and having fun prints, and even people taking selfies at the gym. When I look at magazines in line at the grocery store, every other article is health related (work out tips, etc…).

With all this fitness and health appearing everywhere it’s only a matter of time before our gadget adopt the trend too. Apple is coming up with a “Healthbook” app that helps people keep track of calories and weight loss as well as an “iWatch” which will monitor blood pressure, heart rate, glucose levels and more.

I personally think this is a great idea. I like using my Nike GPS app to map my runs and having something like a watch and apps to keep track of more info is great!


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One thought on “iWatch, iSO 8 and a Healthier Lifestyle

  1. We’ve been seeing this trend gather steam for many years now. As the Baby Boomers age, health consciousness came to the front of concerns. I think we’ll definitely see more of this kind of thing, and should keep an eye on all things exercise related.

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